Charleston Flight Services               
Established in 2011



Cessna 172M Skyhawk

(IFR/VOR/GARMIN 396/500)

Cessna 150J & Cessna 150L


All Aircraft Rental Checkouts (1 hour) must be paid in advance. Advance meaning at least 24 hours before the scheduled date of Aircraft Rental Checkout. If Rental Checkout flight ends under 1 hour, the available balance will be credited towards Renter's next flight.

To schedule: call or send us a text message, (843) 709-1293 or email us, 
To purchase: click the convenient BUY NOW button located at the top or bottom of this page according to the aircraft you wish to rent (eg. C-150 or C-172). Once we receive notification of your online purchase, we will contact you to schedule your rental checkout. 

Although it is not recommended to bring a passenger on a rental checkout flight as friends/family can be a distraction, if you wish to bring 1 passenger with you on the Aircraft Rental Checkout, you will incur an additional $50 fee that will be added to the price of your online purchase. Note you will receive two online purchase order emails if you bring an extra passenger, first email will reflect the original checkout purchase price that is a pre-authorization, the second email will reflect the original checkout purchase price plus the extra passenger fee of $50, this is the price that your credit card will be charged. 

  • Standard Aircraft Rental Checkout required. Must sign and complete Aircraft Rental Agreement.  All Renters must provide TSA documentation (Current US Passport or Birth Certificate & Government issued photo identification, such as a current Driver's License), current BFR and Current Medical.
  • Rental prices listed include Charleston County Sales tax  (student solo flights, discovery "intro" flights and training flights are not subject to sales tax per educational purposes) and are subject to change with fuel costs. Fuel expenses reimbursed on overnight trips at our field prices.
  • No commercial work ("for-hire work") of any kind, i.e. photography or flight instruction can be performed by any Renter of a Charleston Flight Services, LLC's Aircraft. It is strictly prohibited. Any Renter found guilty of participating in commercial work while renting our Aircraft will have their Rental privileges revoked immediately. See Aircraft Rental Agreement PDF link shown below. 
  • $5 headset rental fee


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