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Local Aviation Medical Examiners
(3rd Class Medical for Student Pilots and Private Pilots)

                                                  Pre-Solo Student Written Exam
                                                  Click & print the pre-solo written test below

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FREE Knowledge Practice Tests! 

(Remember you must have your Instructors' logbook endorsement before you signup for your knowledge test!)      

                                                         Ready to Take your Knowledge test? Call to Schedule : 1-800-211-2754

IMPORTANT: We will not endorse your logbook to take the knowledge test until you provide us with three (3) consecutive practice tests consisting of 60 questions with a graded score of no less than a 90%. 
If you elect to use an online knowledge test prep program, such as Sporty's, that program will electronically endorse you to take the knowledge test.

FAA Airplane Flying Handbook-Free Download PDF Version*
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*Hard copy available for purchase in our 'Pilot Supplies'

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