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Discovery Flight   $99

A discovery flight is also known as an introductory flight. The discovery flight is for a person who has never flown before that is curious about obtaining his or her private pilot license. During this first flight, the perspective student pilot has actual hands-on experience maneuvering the aircraft on the ground and in the sky along side of their instructor (CFI). The total length of the discovery flight is up to one hour long.

Discovery Flight Plus Extra Passenger $129.99

If you wish to bring along one extra passenger on your discovery flight, select this option upon purchase. 

To purchase: click the convenient BUY NOW button located at the bottom of this page.

To schedule:
 call or send us a text message, (843) 709-1293 or email,


Scheduling: Remember that flying is weather dependent so be sure to check the weather before and the day of your scheduled flight so that you can anticipate a possible delay or cancellation of your flight. In the event of a delay or cancellation we will contact you to reschedule with the contact information provided on your online order form. See ABOUT US page for details. 

Gift Certificates: If you purchase a discovery flight or discovery flight plus as a gift certificate, please write us a note in the comments section of the online order form so we know to send you a gift certificate for the purchased flight.
Note that gift certificates are not redeemable in cash. Should the person you purchased the flight for not wish to redeem the gift certificate for any reason, you can use the gift certificate yourself or "regift" the gift certificate to another person.
Also note that gift certificates do expire within three months. So please, let us know if the gift certificate cannot be redeemed prior to the assigned expiration date so that we can extend the expiration. And no, if a person forgets about a gift certificate and calls to schedule a flight s/he received as a gift certificate from years ago, that gift certificate will not be honored as that is not fair. 



Discovery flights can be logged as the student pilot's first flight if s/he wishes to continue flight training. 

Note that to log hours in a pilot's logbook the student must present the flight school with his/her proper TSA documentation which consists of the following: 1) current US Passport or 2) current government issued photo ID such as a driver's license & birth certificate. If you wish to log the discovery flight, please bring the proper TSA documentation with you on the day of your flight. 

Private Pilot Flight Training

The cost of flight training varies. How much a student spends depends on which plane s/he uses for training. Other costs include supplies, books and required written knowledge tests. On average, a "ball park estimate" of total costs range between $6,000-$9,000.
At our Part 61 school, students pay as they go after each lesson or purchase flight hours in advance in prepaid flight hour packages.
Students at our flight school can personalize their own training schedule around their own life. 
For more information on FAA license requirements, see PDF links at the bottom of this page.

Per hour training cost (includes plane & instructor):

Cessna 150:
Cessna 172:$174/hour* 

*See Flight training packages for reduced prices 

To purchase:
 click the convenient BUY NOW button located at the bottom of this page.
To schedule: call or send us a text message, (843) 709-1293 or email,


Read the notes provided in the ABOUT US section in order to mentally prepare for flight training. Learning to fly can be fun because of this it's likely that you will want to share your excitement with a friend or member of your family. Although
it is not recommended to bring an additional passenger along on a training flight as friends/family can be a distraction, if you wish to bring a passenger with you to experience your flight training, an additional $50 extra passenger fee will be added to your training session bill.
If you purchase an hour flight in
advance online, note that you will receive two online order confirmation emails. The first email will be for the pre-authorization amount for the one hour flight training session. The second email will reflect the original amount plus $50 for extra passenger. The amount in the second email will be the amount that is charged to your credit card. 

In fairness to fellow student pilots and Aircraft renters we enforce a 2 hour cancellation policy before a given scheduled flight. Meaning: If you cancel your scheduled flight less than 2 hours before your flight time (1) next time you wish to fly, you will need to prepay for your next flight (2) If you have purchased a prepaid flight time package, $50 will be drawn from your account as a "late notice fee."

Prices are subject to change without notice at the discretion of Charleston Flight Services, LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions-FAA Private Pilot License- click below

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FAA Private Pilot License Requirements: click below

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