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Discovery Flight   $99

A discovery flight* is also known as an introductory flight. During this first flight a perspective student pilot has actual hands-on experience in an aircraft along side of their instructor (CFI).
This experience allows a perspective student pilot to experience maneuvering an aircraft on the ground and in the air!
The total duration of the flight is up to one hour long. Discovery Flights can be logged as the first hour of flight training if perspective student pilot decides to continue training! Flight may count as 1 hour towards the minimum of 40 flight hours required for the FAA licensed Private Pilot Check-ride if participant pursues flight training.
If you wish to bring along ONE extra passenger on a Discovery Flight, select and purchase the Discovery Flight Plus option above for $129.99.
*Prepayment required to schedule a Discovery Flight or Discovery Flight Plus Extra Passenger.. If you do not prepay for the Discovery Flight at least 24 hours BEFORE your scheduled flight, your flight will AUTOMATICALLY BE CANCELLED.


Private Pilot Flight Training

Total Cost(s) depend on which plane a student pilot chooses to train in. Other costs include what supplies the student pilot chooses to buy. On average, a "ball park estimate" of total costs range between $6,000-$7,000.
 At our Part 61 school, students pay as they go after each lesson or purchase flight hours in advance in prepaid flight hour packages.
Students at our flight school can personalize their own training schedule around their own life!
For more information on FAA license requirements, see PDF links at the bottom of this page.

Cessna 150: $110/hr + $45/hr CFI* = $155/hr ea. lesson
Cessna 172: $129/hr + $45/hr CFI*= $174/hr ea. lesson

*If training in YOUR airplane CFI charge is $65/hr
 (Minimum of 1 hr, every part of an hour counts as a 1/2 hour).

*CFI for NIGHT TRAINING is $50/hr

For student pilots that wish to pay in advance for flight hours/instruction in 10 hour prepaid flight hour packages a/k/a "blocks of time", we can reduce the hourly rates to:
                                              Cessna 150: $89/hr+ $40/hr CFI*=$129/hr ea. lesson                           
                                              Cessna 172:
$115/hr +$40/hr=$155/hr ea. lesson

For more information on purchasing prepaid flight hours in the Cessna 150 or Cessna 172, see the 'Flight Training Packages' page.

  • For your convenience we provide head sets at a low rental fee of $5 each flight until you purchase your own pair! Headsets can be purchased in the office for $139. Headset rental fee does not apply to Discovery Flight or Sightseeing Tour.
  • Although it is not recommended to bring an additional passenger along on an Aircraft Rental checkout because friends/family can be a distraction, if you wish to bring a passenger with you to experience your flight training, an additional $50 per extra passenger will be added to your training session* cost for that day (eg. Aircraft/CFI per hour +$50 extra passenger fee). 
  • *Additional $50 extra passenger fee only applies to training flights or Rental Checkouts, NOT to Discovery (Intro) Flights.
  • In fairness to fellow student pilots and Aircraft renters we enforce a 2 hour cancellation policy before a given scheduled flight. Meaning: If you cancel your scheduled flight less than 2 hours before your flight time (1) next time you wish to fly, you will need to prepay for your next flight (2) If you have purchased a prepaid flight time package, $50 will be drawn from your account as a "late notice fee."
  • Prices are subject to change without notice at the discretion of Charleston Flight Services, LLC.

Need Your Private Pilot License to put you in an advantage for joining the Military?
We help you accomplish that goal here! 


Instrument Flight Training

Refer to FAR/AIM 61.65 Instrument rating requirements. See link at bottom of this page for requirements.

                                          Cessna 150: $110/hr + $50/hr CFII = $160/hr ea. lesson
                                          Cessna 172: $129/hr + $50/hr CFII= $179/hr ea. lesson

CFII (In your own aircraft): $70/hr

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FAA Private Pilot License Requirements: click below

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FAA Instrument Rating Requirements: click below

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