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Discovery Flight   $99

discovery flight is also known as an introductory flight. The discovery flight is intended for a person who has never flown a plane before who is curious about obtaining their private pilot license. During this discovery flight, the perspective student pilot has actual hands-on experience maneuvering the aircraft both on the ground and in the sky along side of their instructor (CFI). The total length of the discovery flight is up to one hour long. 

Discovery Flight Plus Extra Passenger $129.99

Fly along the scenic barrier islands of Charleston while a friend watches you fly. If you wish to bring along one extra passenger on your Discovery Flight, select the Discovery Flight Plus Extra Passenger upon purchase. 

To schedule: call or send a text message, (843) 709-1293 or email us,

To purchase: click the convenient BUY NOW button located at the top and bottom of this page. Once we receive notification of your online purchase, we will contact you to schedule your Discovery Flight or Discovery Flight Plus Extra Passenger. 

Note that all flights are subject to weather, maintenance and other airport related events that may cause a delay or cancellation of a scheduled flight. 
In the event of a delay or cancellation, we will contact you to reschedule using the contact information provided to us on your online order form. Please see 
ABOUT US page for details.


Payment: Flights are nonrefundable in cash. If a flight purchased for a scheduled day is cancelled, that flight will be rescheduled to another day. 

Scheduling: Remember that flying is weather dependent so be sure to check the weather before and the day of your scheduled flight so that you can anticipate a possible delay or cancellation of your flight. In the event of a delay or cancellation we will contact you to reschedule with the contact information provided on your online order form. See ABOUT US page for details. 

Gift Certificates: If you purchase a Discovery Flight or Discovery Flight Plus as a gift certificate, please write us a note in the special instructions section of the online order form so we know to send you a gift certificate for the purchased flight. Gift certificates will be sent to the email address that you provide in the contact information section of the online order form. 

Gift certificates are not redeemable in cash. Should the person you purchased the flight for not wish to redeem the gift certificate for any reason, you can use the gift certificate yourself or "regift" the gift certificate to another person. 

 Gift certificates expire within (3) three months. If you know in advance that the gift certificate cannot be redeemed prior to the assigned expiration date, tell us so we can extend the expiration if needed. 



Discovery flights can be logged as the student pilot's first flight if s/he wishes to continue flight training. 

Note that to log hours in a pilot's logbook the student must present the flight school with his/her proper TSA documentation which consists of the following: 1) current US Passport or 2) current government issued photo ID such as a driver's license & birth certificate. If you wish to log the discovery flight, please bring the proper TSA documentation with you on the day of your flight. 

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